Monday, July 27, 2015


I can't tell you how full my heart is with love.   

We just got back from St. Charles, Illinois where my nephew got married.  I am not sure if I ever mentioned it but Taylor lived with us for 3 years while he went to Georgia Tech [we live close to campus].

It was life changing for me since I don't have any biological children [2 wonderful stepchildren].

I remember when he called to say he was moving out.....I cried like a baby.  You guys remember when I decorated his apartment!

Anyway back to the wedding.....I shared what I was going to wear but of course that changed a little.....

I decided to wear the black pants and this top to the rehearsal dinner....

I got it on sale at Nordstroms....

I took the other one back because when I lifted my arms you could just barely see my skin and....well I knew that would bug me:)

I found this dress on sale at Bloomingdales.
Moon and Meadow
It is a silk wrap dress and so comfortable!  I felt like I did pretty good since my niece wants to borrow it!

Anyway....back to the wedding....

I read this book on the plane....definitely a page turner.

I wore these pants on the plane and my husband wanted to know if I paid for those rips:)

Lauren and Taylor met on the beach in Chicago about 3 years ago.....

This was at the rehearsal.....

Here are some other shots I took.....

Who's happy now!

They released these white balloons when Lauren and Taylor came out of the church.  So pretty!

Gorgeous flowers at the reception....
The wedding cake.....

I have to share this with you.....during the mother/son dance....Taylor and my sister asked me up halfway to finish it with him.  That was an emotional moment people....I could not stop crying.  

My husband and I with my girlfriend and her husband....we started flying together as flight attendants almost 40 years ago.  YIKES!

I am so darn proud of Taylor....he chose the sweetest girl and has become a remarkable human being.....I wish them both a long and happy life.

I was happy to see this sweet thing when I got home....

Thanks for letting me share such a memorable time in my life with all of you!  


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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


It's hard to believe that the end of July is so near.  Seems like we were just getting excited about warm weather and now I am praying for snow.

Yes...I meant to write that.  And if I complain about the cold weather this winter poke me in the eyes.  It's like "groundhog day" around here with the temperature in the high nineties.  

Everyday.  All day.

Let's talk bathroom vanities.  I saw a really cool home not long ago and the owner has a great store on Miami Circle  [another design area in Atlanta].

This house was built in 1917 or something like that and was originally a camp for orphan girls.

The owner John Tribble is an art and antique  collector.....think he would have noticed if I had borrowed a few of these gorgeous pieces:)

My pictures are crappy but I just wanted to show what a great mix of furniture there was.

The doors were painted a black/blue with this gorgeous hardware.....

It was hard to photograph but behind this stained glass window is the front door so it is the first thing you see when you walk in.

Talk about a focal point.

Anyway back to bath vanities.  J. Tribble Collection has some awesome vanities and if you don't see what you want then I am pretty sure John can fix that.

See for yourself.

Did I leave out any style?  Doubt it.  And if you need some awesome Hardware Line.....

They come in different finishes....and sizes...... no walking out of there thinking "I just couldn't couldn't find anything".  #ohhellno.

Bathroom vanities have come a long way huh!

I am pretty sure that most designers and bloggers would point at this and sigh.....thinking I am gonna start with changing the hardware.... and  painting this bad boy.... asap.

One last thing....I saw this gorgeous wallpaper the other day.....

Could you die?

Stay cool y'all.


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Friday, July 17, 2015


You might start rolling your eyes when you see that most of my pictures from the Atlanta market are all about pillows.

I don't know what comes over me but when I see a great fabric combination in the form of a pillow I go into some kind of hyper-focus trance.

Look for yourself and see if a husband or child has to snap you out of it.

I am going to be very quiet while you take it all in.

Pillows from Ryan Studio.

Hello????  Come back to me.  Don't lie....did you have a few inspirational moments?

Now wipe your forehead and upper lip and take a deep breath.  I know..... they are just pillows but dayum it's like my "crack".

I did see some other stuff but I think it will be a let down after what you just saw.

This bed was pretty spectacular.....from Reborn Relics Home

And all of the sudden I want to do this Trellis wallpaper everywhere.  In pink.

These awesome mirrors from Mirror Image Home.

And as if somebody thought I was a little too happy.....this happened yesterday.

Yeah....sweet Cami proved to me just how destructive she can be.  I had just purchased these little gems a few weeks ago.  

I loved these sandals and people kept telling me how cute they were..... that I wanted to wear them around my neck and..... jump up and down....and dance and hug.

She sure did take the joy out of it:(  

Little bugger.


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