Friday, July 25, 2014


In case your interested......I'm still sore.

Sitting down to go to the bathroom takes some assistance with walls and doors to hold on to.  Getting up is a whole 'nother story.

So we were on the subject of fabrics from  Lewis and Sheron.

Here is more.

Love this stripe....must use somewhere!

I have been seeing a lot of watercolor prints lately...

This is where I like to run down the isles "high fiveing" all of my fabric friends:)

A few more trims...

Love these flat trims for leading edge of curtains and on pillows.

So on to the giveaway....

100.00 from Lewis and Sheron


100.00 from Homegoods!

Even better is that L&S is offering a 15% discount for online purchases this month!  That being said I will pick a winner on Tuesday so you have 2 days to get an order in!

Better figure out what you want before you win:)

Have a great weekend....!


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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


If you have been reading my blog for a while you know I have been teaching fitness classes for about 30 years.  What started as a whim [I can do that] became a way to force me to stay in shape by having to be there!

Feast on this throwback from 25 years ago....crikey I had on WHITE tights.  I want that waistline back:)

These last few years I have not done weights as often as I should so when a friend asked me to go to a kettle bell class with her I said sure.

I don't know about you but when I take a class for the first time I hang back a little to make sure I can finish....not knowing how darn hard it will be.

I can say that it was challenging  but doable and I liked the format.  Mande and I made plans to do it again Tuesday.

Well I guess I got cocky because yesterdays class was an ass kicking of epic proportion.  


Notice I am dressed in all black.....where are the white tights when I need them huh:)

The class started with carrying  kettle bells a 100 meters down this hill and back.  Whatever possessed me to grab 35lbs....[peer pressure....stupidity or the fact that I was last getting my pick] will remain a mystery.

I won't bore you with details about the rest of the class but let's just say I actually saw heaven a few times [had a small conversation with my grandma].

The soreness is setting in and I will be debilitated for a couple of days. 

Can't wait to go back.

Hard to believe I had the energy to go to Lewis and Sheron Fabrics after that fun time but fabric is always like a beacon for me.

I took a hundred million pictures so we will do half today and then finish up on Friday with more pictures and a giveaway.

Let's just get going here.....


Candy shop right?  You say you want more?

How about some great trims....

Pure crack right.  Now will have to get in touch with L&S for any details....because my arms were so tired I could not write anything down.

Alrighty then....have a great Wednesday!



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