Wednesday, October 7, 2015


One Room Challenge.  ORC.  Marathon.  Stress.  Deadlines.

And....we all sign up for it.

20 Designers walking down this nerve-racking, unknowing....sometimes hair-raising road.  

But still we toss our hat in the ring.

This go around there is quite the talent. 

As usual I have all the same thoughts....WTH was I thinking a while back when Linda from Calling It Home sent me that email inviting me to join the ranks again.

Of course I said is quite the honor.....even though I had no idea who I was going to rope into this event!

Let's say you just moved to this country and while reading this you are scratching your head.  You might ask yourself "what is this ORC she is talking about?"  

One room in 6 weeks.  Hahahahahaha.  Insane right.

Yeah......pretty much.

Anyway as luck would have it I have another sister.  Yep.....and the word challenge really applies to this edition of the ORC.

How about we get to the before pictures so you can wipe that puzzled look off your face.

This is her family room/kitchen. Think we should keep that valance :)

Nothing....and I am sure I don't have to do much convincing about this.....has been done in over 15 years.

Pine floors, pine cabinets....pine bookshelves.

PINE everywhere.

So why has she not updated this joint in that long?  Because 10 years ago she decided to open a restaurant.  My little sister.  The one "Bunny" and I tortured as a child.  JK.  Not.

And guess what?  In Atlanta where there are almost more restaurants than designers :).....she is still open!  And that is where ALL her money goes!

Her signature desert is banana pudding....yum yum.

Now here is the difference between "Bunny" and Nancy.  If I say I want to do expensive grasscloth on the walls [see last ORC reveal here].....Bunny's eyes will grow large and she will say yes!  Order  it!  Budget be dammed.  

Nancy will say "how much?".  Meaning.....I am not sure how many "wow" moments I can squeeze out of her but you better believe I will put her on a payment plan if need be.

Lucky for me Linda has rounded up some great sponsors.  Thank God.  Mama might need to pull a rabbit out of somewhere:)

You must carve out some time today to see where everyone else is starting.

I hope you will return every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks [final reveal on Nov 11th] to see how I pull this off.


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Friday, October 2, 2015


What a week.....I had great plans to get to Discover ADAC for all of the festivities but dang if work did not get in the way.  

One thing that wasn't working for me was the humid rainy weather.

The top of my head looked like a "chia pet" and I just could not manage it. Crikey...... all of you straight hair girls just piss me off. 

Whatever....enough complaining.  I did manage to get to the opening of the Taylor Burke Showroom Wednesday night.  

I had about a glass and 1/2 of wine [thanks Jill Mckenzie] and did everything short of dancing on the ottomans.  I guess I need to get out more.

Julianne Taylor is adorable.  She had on these black shoes with pink bows on the back and I wanted them.

I took some pictures but I think my wine consumption might have caused me to regret that task as I look back.

I pulled a few from their Instagram page.

Oh heck.....we are amongst friends so here are a few snaps.

The showroom also carries accessories from Times Two Designs.

I loved hearing Lauren Renfrew's story of how she came up with her signature lamps.


And this is news....
The showroom also carries exclusive Lacefield for Taylor Burke Home!
Hello big fat trim on the sides......

I loved this ottoman...

Don't want it all huh?

In other news this hardware from the Matthew Quinn Collection was installed and it just made me giddy.  Can you even......?

If you live on the East coast.....better get Netflix and be prepared to binge watch something this weekend....cause Joaquin is not playing......

Guess what's coming up next week?  It starts with an O and ends with a C.  Yup.


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I am so excited that Rejuvenation is coming to town.   Founded by Jim Kelly [1977] while living in Portland...... in 2011 the company joined the Williams and Sonoma brand.

Atlanta is their 6th retail store and it just gives me one more place to source!

I got my invite to the opening party yesterday at the same time I was sourcing some brackets for a client.  Serendipity right?

First I found some awesome hardware!  Maybe they will give RH a run for their money and actually have the product.....just saying.

These were the brackets I was sourcing.  In brass.  I mean....#ohhellyeah

Some great see that graphite one with the gold dots on it?  Hold on to your hats sister cause I am in love.

And isn't it about time somebody invented a cute extension cord?
This container for wood by the fireplace.
These lights....

Some pretty darn good galvanized garden containers.

The barn door AND the hardware!

Who doesn't need some outdoor lights a la "Parenthood"

Great floor mats

I posted this because I got a little crazy when I saw these 2 colors together....

It's fall and I want to paint everything this color right now....
Farrow and Ball Babouche
And last we have these great door knockers....

I can't wait to see the showroom.

I think we have 86 days until Christmas!  WTH.....

I am so frustrated with my computer since I updated to Yosemite.  I can't drag any photos.  AND.....every time I add an image to the album I have to restart the darn thing to get them to show up.  Why couldn't I just leave well enough alone.

Wish I could unring that bell.


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Saturday, September 26, 2015


I just got back from Boulder, Co where I spent 3 days staging a house for my stepdaughter and her husband.  Greg has been renovating homes for about 10 years on and off and we had a little over 48 hours to get this one ready for an open house on Sunday.....

If only I had the before images this post would be even better but unfortunately all I have are the ones I took upon arrival.

I have to tell you I did not think we could pull it together.  Boulder only has one Pier 1....and one World Market.  The closest West Elm..... Pottery Barn and Ikea are an hour away.  I knew that might be impossible present a challenge.

First up was the fact that the West Elm sofa we had ordered a month ago was not going to arrive.  Yes....the quick ship "be there in 1-3 weeks" was already into the 4th week and they weren't exactly sure where it was.

So with that in mind I snapped a few shots and we headed out to look for a sofa stand in.

We stopped first a this great little design store called Lola Gray.

While they had fabulous things a sofa there would have blown the entire budget:)

Moving on....

Score.  Pier 1 had one on the floor that they would sell and it was close to the same color as the ordered one.  So we picked up a few things and headed next door to HomeGoods for no less that 30 or so pillows.  After all.....if you hire me you get pillows right?

Here is where we started.  The 2 chairs, rug and coffee table [I think] came from Ikea.  They were purchased for the last home we did.  Rug was definitely too small.

This is the wall where the sofa will go.

And we had no idea what was going in this space:)

But this is what it looked like when I left yesterday around 2:00.

So here we go....If I don't list it then they already had it from another staging project.
Sofa: Pier 1
Pillows: HomeGoods
Throw: HomeGoods
Art: World Market
Floor Lamp: West Elm
Poufs: Pier 1
Rug: World Market
Chairs: Ikea
Coffee Table: Ikea?

Console: HomeGoods
Lamp: HomeGoods
Plant: Home Depot
Books: Goodwill
Picture Frames: Ikea


Kitchen/Keeping area....

I love these planters from Home Depot!

Here are a few I grabbed from the listing site.
Table [Ikea] Chairs [Overstock]
Master was a marathon but I love that instant gratification you know?  

Now back to reality and the overload I have going on in my life.  I don't see a day off in future anytime soon.....:(


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