Monday, February 23, 2015


Who is rubbing the sleep out if their eyes this morning?  Yeah....once I got past a small drowsy point in the evening....I was up for the duration.

The one movie I saw....Birdman happen to win.  I had nothing to compare it to but I can assure you that when I left the theatre I wasn't thinking "Holy crap that movie will win the Oscar!"

What do I know.

I thought I would update you on my project I now affectionately call "The Fast and The Furious" since we are on the countdown with 34 days left until the finish line will be crossed.....ready or not!

I took this the other day after it was finally painted....Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin.

It was hard finding a color that looked good with the Texas Limestone......the grout and wasn't too yellow.

Here are some of the rejects! You can see at least 3 different colors here.

It ended up being NONE of these!

The kitchen sink and faucet were installed.

Some light fixtures were hung [ Currey and Co]

This one from Scott's.

Another Currey and Co. beauty in the mud room.

A huge RH fixture in the girls loft upstairs.

Bathroom updates.

Kohler Margaux fixture.

First coat on the alcove in the LR....heading to "driftwood" soon.

Some beautiful tile in the master bath....

Along with some waterfall goodness on the vanity.

I love the door style upstairs.

And finally the backsplash is going in!

If you are feeling nervous for me....I got that covered.  I am starting to get a slight "tic" from the stress:)

Can this be pulled off?

Stay tuned!


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Friday, February 20, 2015


I was at the grocery store the other day....a place which is totally out of my element....think someone who has been in a coma for 30 years and they wake up with the task of having to figure out how to use a cell phone.

I tend to either wander around like a lost puppy or run in and only get half of what I need like the floors are on fire.

This time I was standing near the salad bags staring at all of the selections and getting more confused by the minute [there are so many different kinds of greens now] when this woman pushed me out of the way and threw her bag back on the shelf ...."These are made in Mexico!"  and walked away in disgust she belonged on a table shouting to the masses to take extreme action about something.

Huh?  What...the bags?  The salad?....come back crazy angry lady....what do you mean? more thing I gotta worry about.  Where does my lettuce come from.  

Grocery Store = Confusion + Anxiety 

Back to safe place.

Having ADAC so close to me is a luxury and I know that.  It makes my job easier.   While searching for  some light gray grasscloth I discovered some new wallpaper and fabric this week.

It's ironic that they both have an ethnic feel....

First up is this new wallpaper book from Kravet

Check out some of these great prints.

I can never resist a good paisley....

Next up is a boutique fabric line.

Seema Krish  [born in Bombay] has lived in the United States for 15 years and  now resides in San Francisco where she creates these beautiful textiles.


Some of my favorites

Using traditional textile making techniques....

This gorgeous line can be found at Ainsworth and Noah here in Atlanta.

Off to the trenches....but it's Friday after all!  Next week the Design Bloggers Conference is in town....anyone coming?


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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


If you are like me one of the last things to go in a room is art and accessories.  I like to see the direction a finished room is going and then figure out where I need a big ole "smack in the face" kind of piece!

One of my go to places for art here in Atlanta is Gregg Irby Gallery.  

Gregg has been a fixture on the art scene in Atlanta for years and all it takes is one visit to her new studio and you can see why!

I was over on the Westside and popped in to check it out.  First of all it's about 10 times bigger which is a good thing!

So many beautiful pieces to choose from.

If you think you can't afford original art then you are wrong.  There are price points for everyone and all kinds of sizes.

Design today is kind of a "anything goes"....with most rules tossed out the window.  I agree a "too perfect" room can be predictable and boring on the other hand....easy there can become a hot mess pretty quick:)

What I am trying to say is that your art does not have to match you decor perfectly.  It can be that one thing in the room that draws the eye in.  Whether it's a large canvas over the mantel or sofa it can also be a few smaller pieces in a great gallery wall.

This is a canvas I bought years ago.....can you imagine this room without all that glorious color above the mantel?  Boring.

And look how easy it is to move around...

Because it is an abstract....I turned it sideways to fit this spot in my living room.....for a change. 
[Shocking huh]

More art from the gallery....

If you don't know where to begin with this art gig.....they will help you pick a great piece out for your's that easy!

This Friday Gregg Irby Gallery is having a little soiree to celebrate the opening of their new gallery!

So go see what's new in the art world!


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